Starting Your New Job – Day One

Starting Your New Job – Day One

It doesn’t matter who you are. Starting a new job is intimidating and everyone gets nervous. Remember, you took this job because you see it as the first step to a bright future. Here are a few things you can do to help you settle those nerves & make your transition easier.

The first thing is to remember that you got this job because you were the best candidate, the best fit for this company. They want you; they want you to be successful. Your success & growth will be their success & growth. They will want to create the right impression just as much as you.

You have got the job.

Congratulations. It may be a while before you start due to notice periods, gardening leave etc. Keep in touch with the company over this time. Find out what you can about the company & the people you will be working close to. Ask if they can send you anything, documents, procedures etc. so you can prepare & get up to speed. If you can go in to say hello or meet the team for an informal drink beforehand. Do it. It will help break the ice.

On the first day.

Arrive early. Be presentable. Plan what you are going to wear. You will have got an insight from your interview & research. You have one chance to create a first impression. To everyone you meet. Be personable and professional.

Learn the names of everyone and their various positions. Especially those you will be working closely with. Make notes, draw diagrams of where people sit, offices etc. to refer to. Greet people by first names. It will help you remember & you will be building rapport & gaining respect.

Make notes on things you need to learn, remember or don’t understand. As your colleagues the questions to learn quickly. Listen more than you talk as there is a lot to learn.

Keep your job description handy. Refer to it to understand your duties. Learn how your job fits in with others & how it fits in with procedures, departments and the company. One cog turns another, which turns another & together all the cogs make the machine work. When you learn how your cog works, you can start to make it more efficient & achieve success.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Neither will your career. Be respectful to the people you work with and the business. Some people will have been there a long time, certainly before you & know your predecessor. Others will be new like you. Don’t try & change everything on day One. Learn how things have been done before, make small changes. See how they work! Explain to those the changes effects, why, what you want to achieve.

It will take time to settle in. Don’t panic if you have reservations when you get home after the first day. Remember you can do this! You are the right person for this job. If after a couple of weeks, you still have the same reservations, discuss these with your line manager. Build a plan to go forward.

By Julian Gudz

Director, East Midlands Recruitment

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