Finding a Job in a Pandemic – Local Press

Finding a Job in a Pandemic – Local Press

We are so excited to be featured in this March’s edition of Ilkeston Life, a wonderful community newspaper.

You can read our article by picking up a copy locally or we have included it here:

Looking for a new job can be hard work under normal circumstances, but add in a global pandemic and it can get even more difficult.
With added competition, virtual interviews and a shortage of new roles becoming available, you may find your stress levels have started to increase hunting for that perfect new career.

But don’t worry, Sarah Evans from local Ilkeston agency, East Midlands Recruitment is here with some hints and tips to maximise your job search.

1 – The Perfect CV
Your CV is the most important tool in your job search, it’s the first thing employers & recruiters will see so make sure it’s a maximum of 2 pages, easy to read with your most recent employment first, make sure you make clear bullet points of your skills and experience and most importantly, do a spell check!
Lots of people might apply for every available vacancy so you need to make sure your CV is the best of the bunch.

2 – Don’t discount Temporary Vacancies

If a job is advertised as temporary, don’t immediately write it off. In the current climate some employers are being careful to not advertise jobs as permanent when they’re unsure what the future holds. But 75% of the time, if you make a good impression, a temporary role can easily become a permanent one.

3 – Register with a Recruitment Agency

Job agencies get a bad rep as many people are under the impression that their wages will be affected and they won’t have the same rights as a “normal” employee. This just isn’t the case.
A good recruiter will ensure they put you forward for roles they think you would be suitable for; they will have contacts within various industries that may not always advertise their vacancies externally and will be able to give you feedback and assistance on your CV.

4 – Prepare yourself for a Virtual Interview

With face-to-face interviews being difficult at the minute, most employers will do some form of virtual interview so make sure you’re prepared.
Make sure all your technology is compatible and you’ve got good internet availability. Dress smartly, even though you’re at home and don’t use a novelty background! You want to show how professional you are, not that you’re on a planet from Star Wars!

5 – Ask Questions and Follow Up

During an interview, you’ll always be asked if you have any questions. Make sure you express how interested you are in the job by asking some pre-prepared questions about the business you’re interviewing with, by doing some research you can easily impress your potential new employer!
Make sure you ask what the next stage of the process is and when you’ll hear back. Its important that you follow up in a couple of days.

6 – Look after your Mental Health

Covid has changed so many aspects of life for all of us, it can make things that seemed easy pre-pandemic, now feel super hard.
A job search can be exhausting, especially if you’re regularly having interviews and not getting the feedback you want. Make sure you take a mental health break, try to relax and start each new day fresh.

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